Boutique magento shop with Lightspeed

I recently finished a Magento site for a furniture designer who has recently opened a new studio in Shoreditch. Now, this geezer has designed for the likes of Moroso, Swarovski, Kvadrat and Artecnica, as well as on-offs and exclusive exhibition pieces, so attention to detail and high quality develeopment was at the top of the agenda.

After getting the Magento shop developed i also worked with their Lighspeed Retail system (which they use in their shop) to sync with Magento. The Lighspeed system is a great piece of software to use on iPhones and iPads in the studio to process customers transactions but also their API works pretty well. At the end of the process they had one place to update products (including images, invetory, etc) to controll both their POS system and Magento.

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