Responsive Magento design & development

I’ve been working on a responsive Magento theme for donkeys years now, never finding the time to put the hard work in and get it done properly. It’s no surprise it’s a big job on the front-end with all the Templates to think about as well as the account pages, extensions and checkout.

After designing 5 or so mobile Magento themes, I’m not far off now from a fully responsive Magento design embracing the latest tried and tested methods (it’s build on Andy Clark’s 320 and up). Everything has been built from the ground up using a Mobile first approach – I plan to keep posting updates….



  • 30th November 2012 at 9:52 am //


    What’ the status of your ‘mobile first’ 320 and up based theme? Looking for the same and started making it myself but why do the work twice right?


  • Hi Steven,

    It’s still in progress i’m afraid – have not had much time to work on it recently… I will put it on GitHub when finished.


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