Changing landscape of Front-end Web Development

The Changing landscape of Front-end Development (hello Responsive design!)

It’s easy to see why people are getting excited about the way things are changing with the emergence of “Responsive Web Design”. On the off-chance that your interested in such things carry on reading.

There has been a fundamental shift in the way we all think about designing for the web, fluid layouts have been around for donkeys i have done a few sites myself, but now we have properly flexible websites that are properly interactive.

With the explosion of different devices (phones, tablets, etc) out there that we as web designers/developers are called to support these properly flexible ways of designing are much needed and are being embraced by the web community.

This article is regarded as one of the most important in the increasing popularity of responsive web designs.

From one year to the next web design trends come and go, but I’m pretty sure the concept of responsive design is here to stay, in fact i think we’ll all stop talking about it – not because it will go away, but because it will be the standard way in which a modern website is built. I don’t think this will happen in 2012. It’s still too new of a concept, and there are many web designers that are not familiar with it at all.

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