Vogue launches new responsive website


The new site, at www.vogue.co.uk has recently been re-designed. It looks like they have taken a fairly modern approach to this by putting the content first and making sure it embraces responsive web design techniques, both of which seem to work well and keeping the deign fluid between breakpoints works well with the images and text scaling down. Overall i think the Web Designers at Conde Nast have done a great job with embracing responsive web design and the data first approach into a well know publication such as Vogue.

It has been designed by Vogue publisher Condé Nast’s in-house digital team, working with Vogue’s art department. The site took eight months to redevelop.

Condé Nast says the site has also been built to make use of images and Vogue’s archive of content, with the new ‘topic sections’ acting as a searchable showcase of Vogue’s articles, covers and image galleries.

A left-hand browser bar displays current stories, while the site allows for use of a mix of images of different sizes, including catwalk images which can be zoomed in.

Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue, says, ‘The redesigned site offers the Vogue.co.uk user an experience which is closer to that of the print magazine while continuing to capitalise on the timeliness, newsworthiness and excitement of the web.’

Dolly Jones, editor of Vogue.co.uk, says, ‘For nearly 17 years, Vogue.co.uk has been at the forefront of fashion online, and this reimaging is the culmination of all we’ve learnt to date, simultaneously taking advantage of the most sophisticated and innovative technologies available.

‘The visual appeal the site delivers as a result of its expansive and engaging images is immediate.’

Have a look at the new Vogue site here.


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