The concept was simple, to create a site to showcase the range of properties on offer.
Buying a property abroad is an exciting thing to do, we wanted the site to reflect this with a vibrant and contemporary design rather than just another list of properties.
Site vision and Overall Design
Designed and re-designed on paper first. This enabled me to put the user at the forefront and make the site structure easy to use. Feedback from the client at this stage was crucial to the project and to ensure they were 100% happy.
Content is King
The whole site was build with the properties at the forefront. The user need to be able to see what properties are available at super fast speed.
Persuasive PromotionProperty sales is a competitive business – Banners, Slideshows and an overall professional feeling to the site has encouraged visiters to fill in the contact form.
A Lightweight CMS
News section that is easily up-dateable for the client…

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