Front-end developer & designer

Hi there! I'm David Wheatley, a freelance front-end developer and web designer based in central London. I work with brands and agencies to produce top-notch web experiences.



I am a design focused front-end developer who is passionate about the look and feel of the project I'm involved with and work to ensure the UX and aesthetics are polished and accessible for all users on any device. I work on a variety of platforms and front-end frameworks including Magento, Wordpress and React delivering the design system and/or front-end theme and sometimes being the project owner. I love a rock solid accessible design system and I'm a big advocate of designing in code and building UX prototypes in the browser, working closely with UX and visual designers. I've been a FE dev for over a decade and more recently moved towards a UX Engineering role to concentrate on design systems, accessibility, progressive enhancement and building UI components using tools such as Storybook and Figma.

Even more

I studied for a degree in interactive design/development and enjoy working on UX and design driven projects. I have worked for a wide variety of web agencies being the lead FE dev on enterprise projects for well known brands. Like most folks nowadays I've been working on design systems for headless projects (using React) and working on the UI side building front-end components. I thrive in a friendly and understanding team who help each other improve and deliver the best results.

Currently Reading

  • Atomic Design by Brad Frost Link
  • The New CSS Layout by Rachel Andrew Link
  • Design for Real Life by Eric Meyer & Sara Wachter-Boettcher Link

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